What is SSAJ?

The genesis of the Society of Saints Anne and Joachim (SSAJ) was the realization that there are many lay Catholics who desire to grow and develop their interior life, but find the requirements of most “third-order” rules too daunting or unrealistic for them.

This simplified Rule was crafted specifically to be accessible to ordinary Catholics “in the world”, while still challenging them to adopt a rhythm of prayer, spiritual reading, ascetical discipline, and greater mindfulness in light of the “one thing necessary” (Luke 10:45).

Have questions? Please have a look at the Rule of Life for our association and the other resources that explain the Rule in more detail. The Rule does not bind on pain of sin, but members join with the expectation that they will genuinely aspire and strive to keep the Rule every day. If this seems like something to which the Holy Spirit is drawing you, bring it to prayer and discuss it with your spouse, friends, and priest/spiritual director.

How do you join? Visit our Facebook page, Society of Saints Anne and Joachim, or send an email to admin at ssaj dot org.